Rewards Program

How to Get Points and Redeem?

    Do you know you get points for every order you make on Eyekeeper? And do you know points can be exchanged for coupons? If you don't know how to get rewarded and redeem your points, this page is helpful for you.

How to get points?

1. Have an account on Eyekeeper.

    Becoming an Eyekeeper member is the prerequisite for earning points. And once you have an account on Eyekeeper, you will get 100 points. You can also click here to create an Eyekeeper account.

2. Place orders.

    You will get 10 points/dollar after you place orders. If it is less than 0.1 USD, the system will calculate according to the rounding rules. For example, if your order is $30.79, you will get 308 points, but shipping, tax, and tips are not included. If the order is canceled or part refunded, corresponding points will be deducted.

3. Set your birthday date.

    You can get 500 points every birthday if you have set your birthday date. Please note: you should fill in your birth date at least 30 days before your birthday. If not, you will get the points on your next birthday. Here is the step to set your birthday. Click "ways to earn" first and you will find "celebrate a birthday", and click the buttom "Edit Date" to edit your birthday.

edit your birthday

Points Redemption Rules

    Before you redeem points, you should know the rules of points redemption.

    1. You need to have an account on Eyekeeper. It is a prerequisite for point reward and redemption.

    2. Every 100 points can redeem $1 vouchers, and the points must be in multiples of 100.

    3. Vouchers cannot be stacked, which means if you redeem vouchers of different denominations more than once, you can only use them for another order and not the same order stacked together.

    4. Points earned per order cannot be used for this order because the corresponding points will be deducted for refunds.

    5. Points and vouchers will not expire.

How to redeem?

1.Click the gift icon.

2.Click "ways to redeem".

3.Select the amount of voucher you want to redeem.

After you have made your decision, click "redeem" to enter the exchange page. Besides the $5 and $10 vouchers, you can pull the progress bar and redeem points in multiples of 100.

4. Copy the coupon code and apply it on your next order.