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Eyekepper Lenses-BB98

Eyekepper BB98 lenses - orange tinted lenses with 12 layer coating.

50% color distortion due to 90% blue color was filtered out.
The lenses block 90% blue color of online test for color filtering properties.
100% UV protection.

Test via the spectrometer:

block 89% blue light within 500nm,

block 91% blue light within 490nm,

block 93% blue light within 480nm,

block 94% blue light within 470nm,

block 96% blue light within 460nm,

block 98% blue light within 450nm,

block more than 99% blue light within 400nm-440nm.

The photo is the light without any eyeglasses

blue light

The photo is the light with BB98 eyeglasses

Eyekepper full blue light blocking lenses

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