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  • US$ 11.99


    Susan Thomas

    Love these slim oval glasses! Already have one pair and just bought 2 more of different strengths for the future!
  • US$ 19.99


    Don Suplicki

    Great glasses, stylish and comfortable. I wear them while using the computer and watching TV. Greatly reduced eye fatigue and eye redness. Love them!
  • US$ 10.39 US$12.99


    Desiree Lupini

    I love these glasses
  • US$ 9.99


    Elizabeth Ambrose

    Wrote long review but wouldn't take. Good product but not as pictured. Overall, satisfied.
  • US$ 9.99


    Elizabeth Mae Ambrose

    Comfortable and lightweight, maybe too lightweight. Good strength. Good tinting helps cut computer light. Able to use for reading print on paper, as well. Only complaint is the finish is not polka dot as advertised. It's more like crackle marble effect on black frame, not purple, as ordered. Not bad looking. I think I prefer the finish over what was advertised but, sellers should update pictures. Overall, I like it.
  • US$ 12.99



    great readers, hold up well with heavy use...have bought these before and have recommended them ....good product
  • US$ 12.99



    I'll say it again: Great deal... distortion free lenses, solid frames, quick shipping.
  • US$ 12.99


    Amazon Customer

    Finally a cheap pair of reading glasses that are well made. I bought these Eyekepper- Spring Hinges, 80's, reading glasses, in a 5 pack. They are +1.00. I, probably, wear glasses for a large or extra large head. These glasses fit great, seem very strong, and seem to have arms [what ever you call the part where the hinge connects to piece that goes back to your ears] that don't just break for no reason. Some of my older cheap glasses are still useful but none were ever as good as these. The lenses seem to be very good and are consistent throughout the lens.
  • US$ 12.99



    Exactly as advertised. Vision is clear and I now have plenty to got through.
  • US$ 12.99


    Angela Samos Guardia

    Great item is just wonderful.
  • US$ 12.99


    mark 265

    great reading glasses
  • US$ 12.99


    Amazon Customer

    Love the quality
  • US$ 12.99


    P. Gilbert

    These a the best readers I’ve ever had. The frame is the same as at an optometrist office. The hinges are sturdy and the price is fantastic!
  • US$ 12.99


    Painted Garden

    I have probably lost, stepped on, sat on, dropped and broken more readers than I care to remember. They have been expensive, cheap and in-between and it never mattered because as I stated they either vanished or somehow got broken. But thank God I've now found an inexpensive and seemly somewhat quality way to replenish my endless needs for an adequate reader. The frames are study and even gender neutral stylish. The lenses seem to be clear and of good enough quality. I can't state enough how pleased I am with this 5-pack of readers. If history is any indicator I am certain I'll be ordering again.
  • US$ 12.99



    That's right. Love these.. what a bargain!
  • US$ 12.99


    Pen Name

    i like
  • US$ 12.99



    A great value for your money.
  • US$ 12.99


    Mariana C.

    Incredible! Will buy them again
  • US$ 12.99


    Jeff Gange

    Love these glasses. Very durable readers.
  • US$ 12.99



    great buy!
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